Finally keeping on top of housework

Finally keeping on top of housework

So the washing basket is overflowing, the kitchen looks a tip and don’t get me started on how many stains are on our bedding. I am rubbish at keeping up with cleaning and housework but the last 2 weeks have been a lot easier. I don’t try to tackle everything in one go everyday so I have figured out that doing cleaning every 2 or 3 days suits me fine and keeps my guilt at bay. This is a few things I also do

Do bits of housework any chance I get
so while I boil the kettle I will scrub the sides or while warming up a bottle I will put a wash load in.

Do housework in the evening or night when kids are in bed
it’s harder because I can’t make a noise but I can get some stuff done and listen to music at the same time

Stick the kids in front of the TV
This is controversial and I am not ashamed to say I stick the child the older one in front of the TV while I go and put clothes away or clean the toilet yes I might be a bad parent but he enjoys the TV.

While thenChild is at rhythm time
Me and the husband take it in turns doing rhythm time with our Oldest chils so when the husband has him I will try to get things done

Organise a list and rota
Me and the hubby share the house work we have a rota it’s not entirely fair but he does the kitchen and one other room sometimes and the day we are doing the cleaning

Letting us both get on with it
I give the husband time to do his and he does with me and so we get stuff done

So that is how I am finally tackling the washing basket the house looks decent and I don’t feel guilty.

17 thoughts on “Finally keeping on top of housework

  1. You sound so organised. I love it! I think it’s important chores are shared out. Perhaps you could get your eldest to help with dusting or vacuuming? I used to love helping as a child.


    Tea in the Tub


  2. I don’t think using the TV is a controversial one. I’m sure you don’t leave your children in front of it from the moment they wake up until thy go to sleep so why not use it to your advantage. I definitely do when I need half an hour to cook the dinner, for example.


  3. It’s so hard to get stuff done isn’t it? You sound super organised though, well done! I’m a bit obsessed with getting my laundry done. When there’s five of us it’s overflowing every night so I get to the bottom of it every day or I’m annoyed. The rest of the house is a tip though! Thanks for linking up to #ItsOK


  4. There’s some good ideas there. I’m just back at work full time and struggling to keep on top of housework as I’m so tired in the evening, I’m trying to work out if I can afford a cleaner but don’t like the idea of someone else in my space


  5. Sounds like a good plan. My house is just full of crap of there are bits of Lego in every room. I have decided to put a basket in each room so that I can throw in it anything that doesn’t belong in that room and take it to it’s correct room. Haven’t done it yet but that’s my plan.


  6. Definitely doesn’t work for me doing it all in one go, I just can’t face it! My kid’s are older now and it’s much easier once they are at school!


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