An ear infection has arrived

So the last couple of days we have a very unwelcome guest overrun our home and toddler called the ear infection. This is the first one that has arrived and it started from nowhere but it is now metaphorically ruling the house.

It all started Sunday night when J was awake all through the night we would put his dummy back in and he would settle so we didn’t think anything of it and then Monday it hit us.

J refused to sit up just cried all day and felt boiling hot. He definitely wasn’t himself and to top that off he just wanted to sleep all day. We were definitely worried about him an had to keep giving him Calpol even though it didn’t get rid of it it at least brought his temperature down.

Monday was the worst day and Tuesday we finally took him to the doctors and low and behold an ear infection was causing our oldest son so much misery and since then we have had last night where J and H stayed in our bed with dad at the end of the bed so there was no room for me. J kept waking H up by crying every five minutes and i was also waking them up by moving around so much so no one got any sleep.

This morning though I see a light at the end of the tunnel I actually got words out of the boy and he is up to mischief throwing everything off the bed including remotes so I don’t think I need to go recover in a dark room anymore because our unwelcome guest has finally gotten the hint." alt="Shank You Very Much" style="border: none; height: auto; width: 200px;" /></a></div>

9 thoughts on “An ear infection has arrived

  1. I feel your (his!) pain! My eldest had a few ear infections when he was tiny. They’re horrible! Glad it seems to be going away. Hope you can catch up on some sleep. Thanks for linking up to #ItsOK


  2. Oh bless him, that sounds rough. And poor you getting no room in the bed! Glad you’re getting back to normal. Xx


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